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Wood chipper - Mod. "IS150 Hydro"

Wood chipper with drive roller model "IS150 Hydro"

Our wood chipper Type "CIPHydro150" is a cardan chipper WITH DRIVE ROLL that facilitates and guides the insertion of the branches inside the loading mouth

Driven by cardan shaft, complete with independent hydraulic tank and hydraulic pump for moving the drive roller (with the possibility of adjusting the forward speed and reversing the rotation), it is also suitable for operation with tractors that do not have an auxiliary hydraulic system.

This chipper is suitable for chipping branches and shrubs up to a maximum diameter of 15 cm. for the block in solid wood, while for the bundles of twigs we reach larger diameters

Excellent value for money for this chipper for professional use

The chipper is equipped with a large loading mouth of 60 x 60 cm so as to facilitate the loading of the material to be chipped

Suitable for chipping the most varied types of wood

 Loading assisted by a toothed driving roller
 Adjusting the pressure of the drive roller
 10 speeds of the drive roller
 Lever for starting, reversing and stopping the dragging roller
 AUTONOMOUS pump and hydraulic oil tank (10 liters) for moving the drive roller
 Dynamically balanced cutting disc
  Thickness 20 mm
 4 special steel knives + 1 adjustable counter-knife to vary the size of the wood chips
 Chimney with top adjustment and rotation
 Maximum chipping material diameter 150 mm
 Cut material 7 - 8 m3/h (variable depending on the type of wood)
 Weight about 300 kg
 Minimum tractor power required 45 HP
 PTO 540 r.p.m. 


Cutting kit to replace