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Innovative Ecological Save Solutions Economic

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Who we are

IESSE s.r.l.s. (Innovative Ecological Save Solutions Economics), a company specialized in the production and marketing of machinery and equipment for agricultural, construction, poultry, equestrian, public bodies, etc ..., was born as an innovative START-UP in 2012

The “innovative” denomination is recognized thanks to the filing of various patents

The birth of IESSE s.r.l.s. has origins following the detachment of the founder, of CMS s.r.l., a company with production experience of many decades, one of the main players in the market in the production of trailed and self-propelled loaders, brush cutter arms, slurry spreaders and cesspools purging

Thanks to the experience of construction know-how and in the design, a new path has been undertaken, introducing on the market 4x4 wheel loaders, 4x4 off-road forklifts, and various types of equipment with innovative solutions, such as the articulation in an advanced position instead of the classic one. central position, which nobody offers on the market yet

While maintaining and developing the design and production sector, IESSE has selected for quality and reliability a series of collaborating companies for mechanical turning, cutting and bending of sheet metal, welding, assembly and painting, taking care to the utmost in the selection of complex components. of high quality and reliability, buying all over the world

The quality control of components, materials and machines is carefully performed by our specialized staff according to strict protocols carried out in our operational headquarters in Riva del Po in the province of Ferrara

IESSE pursues a commercial strategy that gives priority to the direct relationship with the customer, giving vital importance to punctual and precise after-sales service