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Flail mower rear mower medium range "IST140IN"

Flail mower with lateral rear hydraulic shift for "IST140 IN" series tractor

Technological evolution and the new demands of the agricultural world have pushed  IESSE  to a continuous improvement of the product, focusing on the quality of the materials and workmanship, but above all trying to satisfy the specific requests of the customers.

IST 140 IN medium series rear shredder with lateral rear movement, with hydraulic movements for lateral movement and rotation of the cutting head, is a machine designed and built to best facilitate the cleaning and maintenance operations of roadways, headlands, banks of ditches, etc. from grass, offering maximum versatility according to the different needs of the customer.


Working width 140 cm.
Dynamically balanced rotor with 22 hammers
Cutting hammer weight 0,3 kg
Cutting rotor driven by 2 belts mounted on self-centering pulleys
Maximum side shift from tractor center 1930 mm.
Rear roller and adjustable height support skids
Rear roller cleaner scraper
Anti-obstacle safety system with the possibility of inhibition
Reinforced transmission group with gears in oil bath
Cutting head inclination -50° / +90°
Maximum diameter of shredded branches 20 mm. about
Removable cutting counter-blade fixed to the structure which allows further shredding of the cut material
Support for quick couplings
Feet for storage
Movement for lateral movement and adjustment of the cutting head inclination controlled by hydraulic pistons
For operation, it requires the tractor's power take-off and 2 double-acting double hydraulic lines
Cutting head drive with cardan shaft connected to the tractor PTO
Weight 270 kg.


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