• OFF-ROAD FORKLIFT 4x4 - IS 53 Lift - OFF-ROAD FORKLIFT 4x4 - IS 53 Lift - OFF-ROAD FORKLIFT 4x4 - IS 53 Lift -

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OFF-ROAD FORKLIFT 4x4 - IS 53 Lift -

Off-road forklift articulated 4x4 - Mod. IS 53 Lift

The off-road forklift IS 53 Lift   had been studied by our technicians to be an indispensable resource for the execution of the most important and various materials handling activities inside Your business.

3.60 m

1,600 kg

Main features:


  • Easy drive with torque converter combined with powershift gear box

  • ONLY 1.44 meters wide

  • Dynamic and adjustable power due to a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 36.8 kW (50 hp)

  • The central frame joint and the 4WD transmission allow fast and efficient motions
  • Comfort and safety with accessories as: new design cabin with ventilation system, rear camera, radio with a MP3 player, etc. ...


Every detail is subjected to scrupulous and accurate quality control to constant improve the machine's affidability, safety and performance.

 Dimension   (m)
 Wheelbase   (m) 1.89
 Wheel track   (m) 1.20
 Total weight   around (kg) 2500
 Lifting height   (m) 3.60
 Maximum lifting weight   (kg) 1600
 4 cylinders diesel engine
 with liquid cooling system   
 Power kW (hp)

36.8 (50)
 Maximum speed around   (km/h) 30
 Turning radius   around (m)  3.20

All versions IS 53 Lift simplify Your logistical operations with a standard equipment:

  • 1,200 mm forged industrial forks 
  • Hydraulic side shift
  • Duplex hydraulic forklift
  • No. 2 side lifting cylinders for a great visibility
  • Double tilting hydraulic cylinder


  • TRIPLEX  forklift to carry out Your work in small areas   TRIPL91
  • Hydraulic tipper with no. 2 locking wings suitable for boxes / bins with a height from 420 to 1100 mm  ROVP79
  • Hydraulic tipper with hydraulic upper arm suitable for boxes / bins with a height from 430 to 680 mm   ROVB80
  • Hydraulic load clamp for bins and boxes with upper locking cap   SC2P82
  • Hydraulic load clamp for bins and boxes with no. 2 locking wings   SA2P83
  • Hydraulic load clamp for bins and boxes with EXTRAELEVATION and with an upper locking cap   SC1P85L
  • Hydraulic load clamp for bins and boxes with EXTRAELEVATION and with no. 2 locking wings   SA1P86L


  • High resistance metal bucket to forklift with hydraulic handling system, easily replaceable thanks to the quick FEM 2 hooking / unhooking system   BLIF87
  • FORKABLE high resistance metal bucket, to be attached directly to the lifting's forks and with hydraulic handling system   BLIFI88
  • Tips for straw / hay bales to replace forged forks with quick hitch FEM 2   PLIF89
  • MULTISERVICE tank for different services as: preventive treatment against mosquitoes and other insects, disinfection inside buildings, disinfestation, weeding treatment, cleaning of moving toilets, cleaning and unclogging sewer pipes, cleaning gutters and canalizations, irrigation and spraying, high pressure washing, supplying drinking water, etc.   CISM173
  • Man holder basket for overhead works up to about 7 meters   CES14
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