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"CIPPAPELLET 60 M" with engine

Shredder WITH INDEPENDENT ENGINE for the production of wood to replace the pellets

Our  CHIPPAPELLET 60 M  is a shredder that allows the production of wood material obtained from pruning, to be used in heating systems IN PLACE OF THE MOST COMMON PELLET, or it can be used, after adequate treatment, in a pellet machine, for the production of pellets. same

Our CIPPAPELLET 60 M is powered by a 15 Hp petrol engine with electric start and can be comfortably moved thanks to the special handle and large wheels

The CHIPPAPELLET 60 M is the essential machine for the AUTONOMY AND VERY LOW COST production of woody combustible material for boilers and / or heating stoves

Excellent value for money


 Wide and comfortable opening for loading the material to be shredded
 Mixed cutting system with hammers and knife
 4-stroke petrol engine - 15 Hp. - 420 cc. - with electric start
 Maximum diameter of shreddable material 60 mm.
 Discharge of the shredded material to the ground
 Frame with handle and wheels for moving
 Emergency stop button
 Weight about 105

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